What we do

We work with communities, partners and authorities to ensure that every child who has lost parental care or who is at risk of losing it can grow up in a loving family, with full access to education, healthcare, and every opportunity to reach his or her full potential. Here is how we do it:

  • Alternative child care

    We provide family-based care for children who have lost parental care or are at risk of losing it. Our family-based approach is based on four principles: A child needs a loving mother or parent, their brothers and sisters, a home, and a supportive community. More 
  • Family strengthening

    SOS Children's Villages' family strengthening programmes help families stay together by providing material support, education, child care and other aid. Through training, education and counseling, we build parents' capacities to care for their children. More 
  • Emergency response

    When children are exposed to danger as a result of war or natural catastrophe we take action to bring them as quickly as possible from the emergency situation into a caring and protective environment. More 
  • Education and life skills

    At SOS Children's Villages we place central value on education and work to ensure every child and young person's right to access education. Learn more about our schools and vocational training centres. More 
  • Child rights advocacy

    We work at local, national and international levels to respond to the social development needs of the most vulnerable children and young people. We work to influence and improve policies that protect children, strengthen families and support communities. More