Education and life skills

SOS Children's Villages places central value on education and works to provide educational assistance to children growing up in children's villages, those participating in any form of family strengthening programme, and all vulnerable children and young people in the communities we work in.

In Europe, the children and young people of SOS villages attend local public schools and make use of existing education and training facilities.

Outside Europe, however, in the areas where we are needed and help, public education is often inadequate due to a lack of state assistance and financial funds. 

In such cases, our promise of providing the children in our care with access to quality education can mean, for instance, assisting with private school fees, uniforms and school supplies. 

Where quality school facilities -- public or private -- simply do not exist, SOS Children's Villages runs kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and vocational centres. All Hermann Gmeiner Schools are state recognised and teach according to the applicable national curricula; often they are regarded in their countries as model schools.

  • Kotayk/Armenia - Photo: L. Iievska

    Early development

    A stimulating and educational environment is essential to a child's early development. More...
  • Freetown/Sierra Leone - Photo: C. Mathisse

    Primary and secondary education

    Going to school is a privilege and not a basic right in many parts of the world, where school facilities are non-existent or inadequate. More...
  • Bhuj/India - Photo: SOS Archives

    Vocational training

    SOS Vocational Training Centres help to equip young people for independent life and satisfying careers. More...