Partners in corporate social responsibility

A socially responsible business model is of benefit to all concerned. Together we can make it happen.

Our alliance with local and multinational corporations transforms the lives of children in need. A corporate partnership with SOS Children’s Villages sends a clear message of corporate social responsibility to a company's employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Your company’s interests can be reflected in a partnership in a multitude of ways

Corporate partners support SOS Children's Villages in various ways in many contries @ K.Ilievska

We understand business. In partnership, we share common objectives by delivering value and achieving mutual growth in the best interest of children. Together, we can create, coordinate, and support meaningful tailor-made campaigns, which not only match the needs of children, but augment your business strategies as well.


Many companies have been supporting SOS Children’s Villages throughout the years. Sucessful national and multinational partnerships have delivered positive outcomes for all concerned. On behalf of the many children that they have helped, we say thank you.


The results of corporate social responsibility programmes are tangible. They make a long-term difference to children’s lives. 


Contact information

For additional information on multinational partnerships or local contacts for country-specific national partnerships, please contact our International Corporate Partnership Team:

Ms Patricia Molano
Team Leader
International Corporate Partnerships

Tel: +43 (0)1 368 24 57-2520

Ms Rina Hillinga

International Corporate Partnerships
Tel: +43 (0)1 368 24 57-2520





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