ICT4D by SOS Children's Villages and partners - A global overview

Technology for the benefit of children and families

Photographer: Thalia Galanopoulou / Vodafone Foundation Greece

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a unique opportunity for the world to work together on 17 critical measures that embody the collective aspirations of the world’s citizens. Achieving these goals will not be an easy task, and to make meaningful progress, we will need to leverage the best tools available. Undoubtedly in today’s modern world, Information and Communication Technologies have tremendous potential to accelerate progress towards reaching the SDGs. Applying these technologies for the benefit of underprivileged people in developing countries is called ICT4D (information and communication technology for development).

Mobile learning helps young Cambodians gain jobs skills

ICT Corners in Serbia and Macedonia help refugees connect

Partnership with BT gives access to the internet in Africa

Open Space Literacy: Community involvement and new technologies help increase literacy among children in Kenya

ICT4D project helps children in Bolivia develop life skills

Remote learning opportunities for mothers via SMS

ICT4D project applies innovative ICT teaching methods to science education in Kyrgyzstan

Cisco Networking Academy teaches young people ICT skills

Resource Centre “IT4You” develops young people's ICT competencies in Belarus

Learning Centres help children develop digital literacy in India

Computer Learning Centres provide ICT access for children in Bangladesh

ICT workshop develops SOS Mothers' digital literacy

Collective Coca Cola Project improves young people's education and job opportunities

Young people in Colombia, Mexico and Peru learn to programme robots and develop transferable skills

Child Community Telecentres “Wawanakaj Kusisita”in Bolivia help develop children's digital literacy

Digital Libraries help children and young people learn to use technology in Argentina

ICT training improves Mathematics and English classes in Senegal

ICT job prospects for young people in Africa's Horn

ICT4D ‘Telemedicine’ project brings needed medical expertise to remote Benin