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  • SOS Ukraine: Helping children on all sides of a conflict

    27.06.2016 - Andriy Chuprikov has been National Director of SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine since 2008. In 2014, SOS Ukraine launched an emergency programme to help children and families affected by the conflict and dislocation in eastern Lugansk and Donetsk. More 
  • Ukraine: Childhood is now, not later

    05.05.2016 - Two years into the conflict in Ukraine, families are still struggling to cope with the consequences of internal displacement. More 
  • Ukraine: Children sketch a future without war

    19.02.2016 - An exhibition of drawings from talented and vulnerable children living on both sides of the conflict in the Lugansk and Donetsk regions was recently organised by SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine in partnership with Swiss Embassy and the Maximal youth organisation in Donetsk. More 
  • Child's drawing of Ukraine

    Help for children displaced by violence in Eastern Ukraine

    26.11.2014 - Violence in Eastern Ukraine has forced thousands to seek safety in other communities and leave home, job, school and friends behind. They struggle to survive, while their arrival in large numbers is straining resources in their new communities. Here is how SOS Children’s Villages is working to help internally displaced children and families in Ukraine. More...
  • SOS Children´s Villages steps up response to urgent needs in Eastern Ukraine

    10.09.2014 - SOS Children's Villages Ukraine will move to the northern part of the Lugansk region to help more than 1,000 internally displaced children and their families who escaped from the war zone. More...
  • Ukraine update: Families in war zone affected by infrastructure failures

    14.08.2014 - 14 August 2014 - The humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine is deteriorating. In Lugansk, families that have not left are finding it even more difficult to get basic needs met. More...
  • Ukraine evacuation: SOS families in Lugansk relocate for safety

    01.07.2014 - SOS Children’s Villages in Lugansk, Ukraine, takes decision to relocate SOS families and children to safer locations in response to violence and civil unrest between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces. More...
  • Photo: © Marko Magi

    Ukraine Update: "Anxiety is Being Transmitted to Children"

    06.05.2014 - All precautions are being taken to ensure the continued safety and care of SOS children and their families in Lugansk, Ukraine; but anxiety about the future is rising for adults and children. More
  • Lugansk, Ukraine Unrest Affects SOS Children´s Village

    30.04.2014 - Separatist violence is being reported in Lugansk, Ukraine, this morning. SOS children and families safe, but their movement is restricted until further notice for safety. More
  • Photo: Marko Mägi

    Vitali Klitschko attends opening of Ukraine's first SOS Children's Village

    02.07.2010 - 02/07/2010 - As the Ukranian world champion in heavyweight boxing Vitali Klitschko looked on, another Vitaly, aged two, the youngest inhabitant of the Ukraine's very first SOS Children's Village in Brovary, was given the symbolic key. More...