Early development

Learning to share (SOS Kindergarten Kotayk, Armenia) - Photo: K. Ilievska

A stimulating and educational environment is essential to a child's early development. Back in the pioneering days of SOS Children's Villages, this need was acknowledged and with that the importance of building SOS kindergartens together with the SOS Children's Villages wherever such facilities did not exist.

The goal is the development of the child's social, mental and motor skills in a playful learning environment. The teaching methods employed, and the games and toys used at SOS kindergartens are based on the educational theories of Friedrich Fröbel and Maria Montessori. Due account is taken of the cultural requirements of the country concerned and the teaching is tailored to the local culture.

In addition to regular kindergarten activities, pre-school programmes are provided, designed to stimulate young children in line with their talents and prepare them for admission to primary school. Coaching programmes are also available for children with special needs.

Furthermore, for many women running a household by themselves, day care for children starting at a young age assists them to hold jobs and support their families financially.