Vocational training

Preparing for the future


Bhuj/India - Photo: SOS Archives
SOS Vocational Training Centres offer courses and apprenticeships in trades, industries and various service branches. What is taught is strongly orientated towards local and regional job prospects. For example, car mechanics, carpentry, printing, plumbing, electrical engineering, home economics, commerce, agriculture, and information technology. The resulting products or services are often locally marketed.

Young people from SOS Children's Villages and socially disadvantaged young people from the communities are given the opportunity to develop vocational skills and earn qualifications that will help them in life. Often the centres work together with local firms or other partners and do research into the job market and offer career advice. 

SOS Vocational Training Centre courses follow the same curriculum and offer the same practical experience provided by other vocational schools in the country. On completion, students are awarded a state-recognised diploma or certificate of apprenticeship.