Strengthen families

SOS Children's Villages' family strengthening programmes help families stay together. Through material support, training, education, counseling and more, we build parents' capacities to care for their children.

Families who find themselves in situations of crisis or extreme hardship may have difficulty coping and caring adequately for their children.

SOS Children's Villages family strengthening programmes help families and communities build their capacities so that children are well cared for, and family breakdown can be avoided.

Our family strengthening programmes are specifically targeted to the needs of each community and family. In many cases, these programmes offer nutritional and health care support for children and nursing mothers; children’s school fees, uniforms and materials; support to parents in establishing a steady income and stable home; training in parent­ing skills and household management; learning about children’s rights; and family counselling.
  • In 2015, SOS Children’s Villages helped 467,000 people, or 121,000 families, through family strengthening.
  • The main reason why families enrol in SOS family strengthening is poverty.
  • 55% of the families enrolled in SOS family strengthening became self-reliant in 2015; on average, families participate in SOS family strengthening for 36 months.

Primary reasons children were admitted to SOS family strengthening in 2015:

  • Patzun/Guatemala - Photo: C. Nufio

    Long-term support

    SOS Children's Villages supports families and communities in becoming self-sustainable, so they can provide for their children in the future. More...
  • Borovljany/Belarus - Photo: G. Ward

    Medium-term support

    Poverty and difficult living conditions mean that many parents cannot care for their children in an appropriate manner. SOS Children's Villages is available for these parents; it gives them strength and supports them in claiming their rights from official authorities. More...
  • Gaza/Palestine - Photo: B.-O. Holmberg

    Short-term support

    School money, seeds or one warm meal a day... Often, very little is needed to ease misery and immediately ensure that a child can survive, a family can stay together, and healthy development can resume. More...