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SOS Children’s Villages International calls on
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children who do not have parents to stand by them.


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What is the impact of the pandemic on children and young people?

Families that are already under pressure, are at greater risk of falling apart due to the increased likelihood of child abuse and violence, the additional burden when families are dependent on daily wages, or the absence or loss of primary caregivers.

The protection and mental wellbeing of these children is threatened because measures to contain COVID-19 have a huge impact on daily routines, which increase anxiety and distress. In some situations, children may see family members become ill or die from the virus. 

Education is disrupted and finding employment is a challenge when access to education and mentorship are only possible with digital technology - something that many vulnerable children are unable to access.



What are we doing to help children and young people during this crisis?

Our work reaches over 1 million people in more than 130 countries and territories around the world.

We ensure the health & safety of children, young people & caregivers through WaSH training and raising awareness. In addition, we make available suitable spaces for health care services for communities and work with partners to secure supplies.

The coronavirus pandemic and the necessary measures to contain the virus, multiply pressure on already vulnerable families, placing children at even greater risk by increasing the likelihood of child abuse and violence, and add a greater burden to families dependent on daily wages who can now longer put food on the table. In addition, children risk losing their primary caregivers, which, in many cases, is their grandparents.

We support families at risk of collapsing by working with communities to provide social support and essential services, support livelihoods and income generation, as well as to continue monitoring and providing alternative care arrangements where appropriate and in the best interests of the child.

The general feeling of insecurity and instability due to changing daily routines due to COVID-19 response measures, affects children, causes increased anxiety and distress - especially children who have already experienced neglect, abandonment, abuse and exploitation. In countries heavily affected by the virus, children may have already witnessed deaths in their families. 

We provide pychosocial support, helplines, virtual counselling and alternative care where necessary for children and families at risk. In addition, we work with and strengthen local child protection commitees to raise awareness and direct support to those in need.

Schooling is crucial for vulnerable children and young people to grow strong and become self-reliant. However, in this crisis, access to education is an enormous challenge with homeschooling using virtual tools being the only solution. Often, the vulnerable children we focus on have limited or no access to the necessary virtual tools and technology infrastructure to continue learning.

We provide digital mentoring and education, as well as safe spaces for day-care, schooling and mentorship to support continued learning and youth employment during the COVID-19 crisis.

We need your help!

Together with our supporters and partners, we will build on established development programmes to offer support to vulnerable children, their families and communities and strengthen the resilience of those who need it most. 

Join us, donate and become part of the solution.  

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Note: Any amount raised that exceeds the need for this appeal will be used to support children and families in other emergencies.


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