SOS Children’s Villages deploys new tool for emergency response

DHL Resilience360 can help improve preparedness and coordination

BONN, 22 September 2016 - SOS Children’s Villages has signed an agreement to use DHL Resilience360, which helps companies manage risks by mapping their entire infrastructure network, building risk profiles and identifying critical hotspots. SOS Children´s Villages works globally to safeguard children and protect their rights and will use Resilience360 to enhance and secure the safety of its beneficiaries and employees.

DHL’s risk management solution keeps track of natural and man-made disasters. By monitoring potential risks, such as earthquakes, floods but also political crises, DHL Resilience360 helps to prevent disruptions of the NGO´s operations and enhances fast reactions in case of a disaster. The SOS Children´s Villages Emergency Response Coordination Team will be receiving vital information for all their 500 local facilities across more than 130 countries to help them monitor and manage threats to its beneficiaries and staff.
“The use of DHL Resilience360 will improve emergency preparedness for our SOS Children’s Villages and provide response guidelines. By increasing speed, extent and efficiency of response operations and improving the coordination of our network worldwide, this tool will enable our colleagues on all levels to respond with adequate measures and in a comprehensive and coordinated manner as soon as possible”, said Andreas Papp, International Director of Emergency Response at SOS Children´s Villages.

Efficient and effective solution to secure safety and enable prompt reaction

The SOS Children´s Villages Emergency Response Coordination Team will receive all relevant information in near-real time. Alerts will be sent to gain visibility as a first step and to evaluate risks based on how close they are and their potential impact. DHL Resilience360 will also integrate satellite images, in partnership with the German Aerospace Center (DLR), into its platform to help SOS Children’s Villages assess emergency response options in areas where disasters such as flooding or earthquakes have taken place. The platform will function as an early-warning system which enables prompt reaction to incidents and an appropriate response such as evacuation of children and staff.
“SOS Children’s Villages beneficiaries tend to be some of the most vulnerable children in the world, and it is a privilege to be aiding in the dissemination and coordination of timely intelligence to ensure they stay safe,” said Shehrina Kamal, Senior Manager, Product Management & Business Development, at DHL Resilience360.
The team will also use DHL Resilience360 to improve coordination by being able to share its information on events happening on the ground. Together with local staff, members of the Emergency Coordination Response Team will be able to feed information into the platform, which will increase the efficiency of network intelligence and enable a prompt alert of staff around the globe in case of a disaster.

Partnership between Deutsche Post DHL Group and SOS Children’s Villages

Deutsche Post DHL Group and SOS Children’s Villages have been working together since 2011, aiming to improve education and employability of young people and help them understand the job market. Within the Group’s GoTeach programme, employees are volunteering to mentor the youth in their transition to the working world. The programme started in four countries in 2011 and expanded rapidly to 26 countries worldwide by 2015.
“We are thrilled that our DHL Resilience360 product will come into use for meeting the objectives of an organisation like SOS Children’s Villages with such a great cause”, Tobias Larsson, Head of Resilience360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.
Acknowledging the partnership of the two organisations, Mr Papp was a keynote speaker at DHL Resilience360’s Risk & Resilience Conference on 22 September at the DHL Innovation Centre in Germany.