Internships and volunteering

We are delighted that you are interested in working with SOS Children's Villages! It shows that you share our passion for ensuring that every child grows with love, security and respect.

Children from SOS families and our family strengthening programmes grow up in an environment in keeping with their own cultures. Jobs at particular SOS Children's Villages are therefore exclusively allocated by national SOS Children's Villages Associations, which coordinate the work of all the SOS Children's Villages in their countries. SOS Children's Villages associations employ people locally. In this way, we support local labour markets and provide opportunities to people from the communities where SOS Children's Villages helps.

For the well-being of our children: No short-term employment

We guarantee long-term commitment and support for children. Many children in SOS families and programmes have suffered greatly and need time to re-build trust and self-confidence. If they constantly had different carers, this process would be even harder for them. This is why we do not employ people on a short-term basis. This applies to all positions, but particularly for employment as an SOS parent.

Contact SOS Children's Villages in the country where you live

We are sure you will therefore understand that SOS Children's Villages International cannot offer you an internship or position abroad. If you would like to support children by working with SOS Children's Villages in your own country, please contact the SOS Children's Village association in your country. Our colleagues there will be happy to tell you about employment or internship opportunities.