Digital Village

Access to technology and digital skills at SOS Children’s Villages

In today’s world, digital skills are increasingly important in people’s professional and personal lives. We support children and young people who grow up in SOS families in their development and their preparation for independence.

This includes giving them the opportunity to develop digital skills that can enhance their education and career prospects as well as open doors for them in the future. We also make technology and digital learning available to children and young people from the communities through our family strengthening activities.

What is a Digital Village?


The Digital Village project aims at integrating technology into children’s and families’ everyday lives.

Children in SOS families, young people in SOS youth homes, and SOS parents have access to computers and the internet to help them develop digital literacy. 

Additionally, tailored e-learning programmes provide learning opportunities and guidance on various topics, including internet safety and digital literacy as well as online psychological support for children and young people in SOS family strengthening programmes.

Once young people have acquired basic ICT skills, the e-learning possibilities are unlimited.

Technology helps bridge geographical barriers, bringing any type of learning materials to any location – complementing formal education, building entrepreneurship skills as well as trainings to strengthen child safeguarding.

The project has been rolled out in 45 countries and territories. It has already reached 19.000 children, youth and caregivers.

This expansion comes amid high-profile international attention on the value of digital education and awareness. UNICEF’s report The State of the World’s Children 2017: Children in a digital world examines how digital technology is affecting children’s lives and life chances, identifying dangers as well as opportunities.

Working with partners

We work with national and international partners to make Digital Villages available in as many locations as possible. Our partners support us in developing the project infrastructure and trainings as well as e-learning content.

Our partner ICDL, for example, is providing ICT training and skill certification for young people in SOS programmes and the community in several countries. In Russia, our partner Askit is providing pro bono trainings on different topics.