January 21 2010

Celebrities for SOS Haiti

22/01/2010 - Various celebrities from around the world support the emergency efforts of SOS Children's Villages for thousands of quake-affected children and their families in Haiti. We hope their commitment will help raise awareness for the plight of the people in Haiti, especially of children who have lost their families.

Angelina Jolie supports SOS Children's Villages Haiti

"Please learn more about and consider supporting SOS Children's Villages!"

SOS Children's Villages is proud to count Angelina Jolie among its most dedicated supporters. As the orphan crisis unfolds in Haiti, SOS Children's Villages calls for all organisations to come together to make the right short-term and long-term decisions for children without parental care.

Ruud van Nistelrooy

The world-famous Dutch football player and "FIFA for SOS Children's Villages" ambassador is another prominent supporter of our relief aid for the children in Haiti.  

Princess Salimah Aga Khan

Ambassador and long-standing friend of SOS Children's Villages International asks for support.

As was the case during past hardship, such as the tsunami in South Asia and the earthquake in Pakistan, Princess Salimah expresses her deep sympathy  and supports our emergency response programme for the suffering people in Haiti.

Liv Ullmann

World-famous Norwegian actress, appeals for help for children and families in Haiti who have lost everything within just seconds. In this exceptional situation, our immediate response is a matter of survival.  

Anne-Sophie Mutter

"Support SOS Children's Villages with all the energy you can!"

An unimaginable disaster has ravaged Haiti. For decades people in the poorest country in the western hemisphere had lived with an extremely poor infrastructure and the earthquake has even destroyed that most basic infrastructure. The people in Haiti urgently need all our help, particularly the children that now have no protection and are defenceless as a result of the disaster.