Peru – April 7 2020

'I can only stay calm and have faith that this will pass'

“Today I walked to the town centre to buy food. Public transportation is too expensive during the lockdown. The hard part was to carry everything back by myself. It took me around five hours in total because I had to stop to rest several times.

"My husband stayed at home cleaning the water well with my daughter Micaela* (12) and Edu* (5). I think they are doing very well, they don’t seem worried. They are happy to help at home and I am making them both read their school textbooks, so they stay active. In March, Micaela was supposed to start the seventh grade and Edu the first grade.

“My husband drives a tuk-tuk and I usually go to my mother’s farm where we have a pig and I work in the field with her. This also helps us to get by, but I can't go to her now because it would take me a day to walk there. I was able to buy food with the 100-euro government’s subsidy we received as a response to the lockdown. It helps but money is tight. We also need to pay the bank loan for the tuk-tuk.

“Last week, me and other mothers from the SOS community centre gathered food for families that we know are struggling to eat. Also, the community leader is knocking on doors and registering families that need help and that have not received the subsidy.  

“I worry that we will get the virus but that is why we barely leave the house. It gets boring, especially because we are used to going out and about. I also worry about money, but I can only stay calm and have faith that this will pass.

“For now, I know I will get a good night sleep after so much walking.”

Amanda and her family receive support from the SOS family strengthening programmes in Juliaca, Peru.

Amanda and her children

*Names changed to protect children’s privacy

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