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SOS Children's Villages RSS feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. SOS Children's Villages offers several RSS feeds for use in news readers and Web logs (blogs). These feeds are free and currently RSS 2.0 is used.

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News grouped by continent

 Africa http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org/rss-africa
 Americas http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org/rss-americas
 Asia http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org/rss-asia
 Europe http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org/rss-europe

How to access RSS feeds
There are several ways to access RSS feeds. You can install a news reader that displays RSS feeds from the Web sites you select, enabling you to view a lot of headlines at once. After installing the news reader, you can add each feed manually from the Web site by clicking on the "displayed rss url" or the "RSS" orange button.

An alternative to downloading a dedicated news reader is to use a Web-based news reader. For example, Newsgator, Google Reader, My Yahoo! or My AOL users can now add RSS feeds directly to their personal page.

Terms of Use
All content of SOS Children's Villages news feeds is protected by our security & privacy policies. Use of the news feeds constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use. SOS Children's Villages reserves the right to discontinue this service at any time.

* (Right click and copy these links for bookmarks or pasting into a newsreader, email client, or other RSS-friendly device. Normal clicking upon them will just show you a raw XML file. If you use Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Safari or Opera than the Add Bookmark dialog will be displayed.)