December 23 2014

Shot by snipers: A Syrian Boy's Story

NBC News and SOS Children's Villages share the story of Wael, a 9-year-old Syrian boy bravely fighting to recover from the sniper attack that disfigured his face.

Video produced by NBC News. Viewer discretion is advised, as video contains graphic images.

23 December 2014 - NBC News, one of the leading news networks in the United States, working together with correspondents from SOS Children’s Villages, broadcast this story about Wael, a 9-year-old Syrian boy, who was shot by a sniper while sitting on his balcony at home in Aleppo.

The story was produced in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages USA and SOS Children’s Villages Syria as part of NBC News’ ‘Syria’s Suffering Families’ series.

Wael survived the attack, but it destroyed his jaw, and he has needed numerous surgeries to help repair his injuries. He must endure three more risky surgeries to reconstruct his face.

SOS Children’s Villages Syria is helping to cover Wael’s hospital fees and is providing him and his family with psychological support. We hope that one day Wael will make a complete recovery, and will be able to smile again.

Donations to help Wael or another child suffering the effects of war can be made through your national SOS Children's Villages association. A link for donating through SOS Children's Villages USA is provided in the NBC News story.