Jordan – January 16 2018

Linking young people with opportunities

The youth employability initiative YouthLinks is now also supporting young people in Jordan

The YouthLinks community welcomes a new country: young people from SOS Children’s Villages Jordan have now joined their peers in Latin America and South-eastern Europe in taking action on employability.

The mobile and web-based application connects young people with mentors from the corporate world around the globe to support them in developing professional skills. Already established in the job market themselves, these mentors guide the young people on their journey into employment.
When becoming an adult, all young people are confronted with the high demands and difficulties of the labour market. But for young people at risk of losing parental care or who have already lost it, the transition into this stage of life is particularly challenging. They all know that two essential ingredients matter: skills training and work experience, but access to mentorship and first job experiences can be difficult, especially in rural areas. This is why YouthLinks was born.
In 2018, YouthLinks will be launched in 15 new countries, bringing more corporate partners and mentors on board.