Working in partnership with children
and youth to enhance their rights in
responses to crisis situations
such as Covid-19 and
other emergencies

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As children and young people we have the right to share our opinions on things that matter to us. When governments make decisions that involve and impact us, they should listen to what we have to say. It doesn’t matter how old we are or where we come from – all children and young people have this right.

These could be decisions about how our schools are run, how to stop bullying, or making sure children and young people have the right help to feel well. Even in emergencies, like the Covid-19 pandemic or the climate crisis, adults still need to find out our views and consider them when making decisions that affect us.

Although this is our right, we are often not given the chance to share our opinions, and many children and young people feel left out of the decisions that adults make for our lives.

Children and young people must be given opportunities to take part and have our voices heard, and we want governments to make this happen.

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