Haiti: Hurricane Matthew

With wind speeds of up to 230 km/h, Hurricane Matthew hit southwest Haiti on 4 October 2016. The deadly storm caused widespread destruction in a country still struggling to recover from an earthquake six years earlier.

Hurricane Matthew killed hundreds of people and displaced more than 175,000 others. An estimated 592,000 children were in need of humanitarian assistance following the disaster, while damage to schools disrupted classed for 116,000 children.

Many communities in Haiti were already facing considerable hardship before the hurricane hit. A massive earthquake struck the country in January 2010, causing immense distruction and triggering a severe humanitarian crisis. Millions of Haitians were affected and have since been struggling to recover from the disaster.

Our response

SOS Children's Villages has set up an emergency response to help children and families affected by the hurricane, including:

  • Supplies such as water, food, and sanitation and hygiene kits to vulnerable families

  • Child Friendly Spaces to provide a safe environment, activities and a warm lunch for children

  • Psychological support for children affected by the hurricane

  • Establishing three community centres to provide pre-school education, nutritional support for children and to provide information on children’s rights