The Digital Care Assistant (DCA) - "Bring learning home"

Revolutionizing content, training and networking opportunities for caregivers through a virtual assistant

Given the demands of their work, we recognize the need to support SOS mothers in their professional development in their homes. SOS mothers have limited availability to attend trainings, especially when these require travel. Since the days are busy with domestic tasks, it is difficult for SOS mothers to meet other mothers and to discuss pressing issues. Their opportunities to improve their own skills and share knowledge with peers need to be expanded.

The Digital Care Assistant (DCA) is a solution that brings learning home and enables SOS mothers to improve their knowledge and skills in their day-to-day work. Using speech recognition, this text text-voice assistant helps SOS caregivers and SOS youth to find answers to challenges in the areas of alternative care, youth care, education or employability. The system will provide its answers based on artificial intelligence (AI) - like a virtual staff member. The user can also be referred to a "real" staff member for further support. The user can also be directed to a "real" employee for further support. The DCA is easily accessible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The DCA has several functions that focus on family life to help SOS mothers plan their day, get information, develop relevant skills, and interact with people they trust. The device is connected to analysis functions that improve the quality of the dialogue over time. The DCA is said to be part of the work experience of SOS mothers. Check out an example here.

Facilitating a knowledge network

In addition, the DCA connects caregivers who have the same interests or ask similar questions on certain topics, and transfers knowledge. The answers are stored in a content repository. An analysis function helps to improve the quality of the dialogue over time.

How participants benefit from DCA

Care co-workers and programme participants benefit from the Digital Care Assistant in different ways:

  • They receive relevant content and knowledge to develop their skills.
  • They receive advice on parenthood. You will receive parenting advice.
  • They can interact with other caregivers.
  • They have access to practical information while doing other tasks.
  • They have access to a modern platform that motivates them to use it.

User-driven development and improvement

SOS Children's Villages strives for a system with which questions can be statistically analyzed in order to determine the highest interests and gaps of programme participants and care co-workers. Users determine which areas to develop, and the solution may learn from itself, from reviews and questions, and improve itself.

Phase 2: Make DCA available to other children's organizations

In a second phase, this service can also be made available to other national children's organisations around the world. SOS Children's Villages can multiply the impact of a global service provider to support national children's organisations and governments.