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  • One year on: Rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew

    04.10.2017 - A year after a devastating hurricane hit southern Haiti, SOS Children’s Villages Haiti has restored livelihoods both within an SOS village and the surrounding community. More 
  • Helping families affected by Hurricane Irma

    13.09.2017 - SOS Haiti stands by to help families affected by wind and rain damage in vulnerable northeast communities. More 
  • Built to last: SOS Children’s Villages keeps children safe against natural disaster

    31.01.2017 - Recent emergencies in Philippines, Nepal and Haiti show the value of sound construction. More 
  • SOS Children's Villages supports community centre in Haiti

    Community centres offer a haven in hurricane-battered Les Cayes, Haiti

    02.11.2016 - In the weeks after Hurricane Matthew battered southern Haiti on 4 October, residents of Les Cayes were struggling to clear piles of debris. The scars Matthew left behind look nowhere close to healing – and that includes the personal trauma children have suffered. More 
  • Haiti gets its third SOS Children's Village

    21.12.2014 - Five years after the earthquake that devastated the country, SOS Children's Villages' support for Haiti continues with the inauguration of a third Children’s Village to provide families and homes for children who lost parental care. More...
  • Education inequalities in 'the two Haitis'

    20.12.2014 - In a country where nearly half the population is under 18, and poverty is extreme, educational reforms are key to sustainable social development. More...
  • How Haiti's earthquake made strong families

    19.12.2014 - When Haiti suffered a catastrophic earthquake on 12 January 2010, thousands of children were orphaned or separated from parents. SOS mothers in Santo opened their arms to hundreds of children in need of love, care and security. Here are three SOS mothers' stories of growing through disaster. More...
  • Photo: Conor Ashleigh

    Haiti three years on

    11.01.2013 - Three years have passed since Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake on 12 January 2010, yet the country is still dependent on broad international support. Progress has been made in several areas, but it will take more financial resources to make a lasting change for the better. More...
  • More schools for children in Haiti

    More schools for children in Haiti

    10.10.2012 - 09/10/2012 - With the opening of 14 additional classrooms at the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School in Santo, Port-au-Prince, some 490 pupils now have the chance for high-quality education. More...
  • When aid does not help

    When aid does not help

    29.08.2012 - 23/08/2012 - Villas for company managers, tents for the victims of earthquakes: support often misses the mark because those affected by disasters are not consulted. This comment, made by Wilfried Vyslozil, managing director of the German SOS Children's Villages association, appeared in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on 22 August 2012. More...