Mali crisis

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  • New beginnings for child beggars in Senegal and Mali

    01.04.2016 - Child beggars, known as ‘talibés’, are a familiar sight in cities across Senegal and Mali. Far from home, and forced to beg, their situations have been likened to modern slavery. SOS Children’s Villages together with the European Commission is running a project to protect these children, bring them home to their families, and give them access to formal education. More 
  • Mother feeding a baby in Mali

    How Institutional Partners provided quick support to protect children in war-torn Mali

    02.11.2014 - When an upsurge in violence forced hundreds of thousands of Malian men, women and children to run for their lives, these partners stepped in with funds and support to give them the protection, food and medicine they needed to survive. More...
  • Mali: Children Return after a year in exile

    25.07.2013 - After 15 months of being hosted and protected by the two other SOS Children’s Villages in Mali, 14 SOS families have returned to their homes in Mopti. A massive famine in 2012, followed by political upheaval and fighting in the northern part of the country, had made the move a necessary precaution. More 
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    SOS Children's Villages keeps up work in Central Mali

    23.01.2013 - 23/01/2013 - A few kilometres away from the frontline, the SOS Hermann Gmeiner School in Socoura near Mopti reopened on 15 January as the situation is calm. However, some SOS employees and their families have moved further to the south due to the unpredictable situation as did many other families. More...
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    Saving children's lives in the Sahel

    27.07.2012 - 25/07/2012 - More than one million children are threatened by famines in several countries of West and Central Africa. To avoid another humanitarian catastrophe on the scale of last year's crisis in East Africa, the world must act immediately. SOS Children's Villages is helping thousands of children and their families in some of the worst hit areas in Niger, Mali and Chad. More...
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    Mali: Displaced children attend SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools

    04.05.2012 - 134 children of families who have fled the anarchic situation in the North, are attending the three SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools. The children of the evacuated SOS Children's Village Socoura will likely remain in the two SOS Children's Villages in the South for another year. More...
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    Situation in Mali deteriorating

    06.04.2012 - 06/04/2012 – The people of Mali are forced to stand in line for gas, food and cash; up to 200,000 are fleeing the rebels advancing from the North, where the SOS Children's Village Socoura Mopti was evacuated on 1 April. More...
  • SOS Children's Village evacuated in Mali - Photo: SOS Archive

    SOS Children's Village in Mali evacuated

    02.04.2012 - 02/04/2012 – The movement of armed rebels and subsequent political instability in Mali has led to the evacuation of 140 children from the SOS Children's Village in in the city of Mopti to other facilities 600km southwest of the troubled northeast African state. More...
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    Famine warning for West Africa

    13.01.2012 - 13/01/2011 - Early warning systems indicate famine is imminent in parts of Mali, northern Burkina Faso and parts of Senegal. Insufficient and erratic rainfall has led to a poor harvest as food reserves reach critically low levels across the Sahel. SOS Children's Villages is there. More...
  • Photo: Joris Lugtigheid

    Food security: A worrying situation in many countries of the North Africa and Middle East region

    09.03.2011 - Food security definitively is a challenge in the North Africa & Middle East region. The first victims are children and families living in poverty - with long-lasting effects on their health and development. It is also blamed for the unrest unsettling many countries in the region. At present, SOS Children's Villages is facing food prices in 'danger territory'. More...