South Sudan conflict

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  • Creating a home for children in South Sudan

    04.05.2017 - SOS parents play a central role in creating emotionally stable and resilient relationships and a secure and nurturing home for children who have lost parental care. In this video, Mary Gwang, an SOS mother in South Sudan, shares how she cares for her SOS family in Juba every day. More 
  • Children find safety amid uncertainty in South Sudan

    09.01.2017 - After the SOS Children's Village in Juba had to be evacuated in July 2016, the SOS families are settling in at their temporary homes in the South Sudanese capital. Life has slowly returned to normal for the children despite the ongoing security challenges in the country. More 
  • Courage and commitment: SOS Children’s Villages co-workers who went above and beyond for children

    16.06.2015 - The three co-workers whose stories are told here are the winners of the 2015 Helmut Kutin Award, a biannual award named for a former President of SOS Children’s Villages International, which celebrates the achievements of some of our extraordinary caregivers. More 
  • Displaced SOS families in South Sudan get new temporary village

    29.08.2014 - Six months after being driven from their homes by looting soldiers, families from SOS Children’s Village Malakal enjoyed moving into their brand new, temporary village More...
  • SOS colleague's humanitarian action published by EU Commission

    19.08.2014 - 19 August 2014 - SOS Children's Villages Youth Leader's story of extreme courage under fire in South Sudan is featured by European Commission on commemorative day. More...
  • South Sudan celebrates independence, but children's futures hang in balance

    05.08.2014 - With no permanent home in site, SOS Children’s Villages proceeds with construction of a temporary village for refugee children and families from Malakal, South Sudan. More...
  • SOS children still waiting for peace and a way home in South Sudan

    02.07.2014 - SOS children and families from Malakal in South Sudan are still waiting for a new home, while rebel soldiers occupy their plundered village; children of South Sudan plead with leaders to end the violence. More...
  • Mother Courage: When War Came to Malakal

    09.05.2014 - SOS mother Nyanyul Look did not imagine her family would be in danger when government soldiers and rebels began fighting over her town. Surely, no one – not even fighters – would jeopardize the safety of a child. Unfortunately, she was mistaken. More
  • South Sudan Update: One Month after Evacuation

    05.05.2014 - SOS children and families who escaped from their homes in Malakal under threat from rebel soldiers are beginning to put their lives back together in a temporary home in Juba. But there are new challenges every day. More
  • Courage Under Fire In South Sudan

    10.04.2014 - When armed rebels attacked the SOS Children´s Village in Malakal, South Sudan, in December 2013, youth leader Isaac James led over 30 children on an epic journey to safety hundreds of kilometres away. More