Partnered action

We join forces with other recognised stakeholders who work to protect and promote child rights. Through collaborations we create the greatest possible impact for the well-being of children.


  • Guidelines on Children's Reintegration

    Children who have been separated from their families often face particular hardship and risks. In many cases, it is in the best interest of the children to be reintegrated into their families and communities. These guidelines, endorsed by leading children’s organisations, lay out a framework for the reintegration of all groups of separated children in emergency and non-emergency settings.

  • All children count but not all children are counted

    The world’s most vulnerable children – those without parental care or at risk of being so – have largely fallen off the UN’s statistical map. Together with other child-focused organisations, we call on states to ensure that children living outside of households or without parental care are represented in disaggregated data. Arabic English French Russian Spanish

  • Towards the end of child poverty

    Child poverty is a multi-faceted challenge, which has life-long consequences for the lives of children and for the well-being of entire societies. This joint statement presents our shared understanding about the importance of ending child poverty, and offers recommendations on key responses that can help lift children and future generations out of poverty.