What we do

We work with children, families, communities and states to prevent family breakdown and ensure that children's rights are met. If a child has lost parental care, or it is not in the child's best interests to remain in their family, then we work with community and state partners to provide the child with loving and supporting alternative care.

  • Quality care

    Every child has the right to quality care. Quality alternative care means a safe and caring environment for the child to grow. We work with families to prevent breakdown and communities and states to provide a loving family environment for children who need alternative care. More 
  • Safeguard children

    SOS Children's Villages does not tolerate any form of child abuse, exploitation, neglect or violation of a child’s privacy. We are committed to creating and maintaining a caring and protective environment for every child we reach through our programmes. More 
  • Advocate for children's rights

    We work at local, national and international levels to respond to the social development needs of the most vulnerable children and young people. We work to influence and improve policies that protect children, strengthen families and support communities. More 
  • Teach and train

    Quality education and training are keys to a successful future. We help ensure that children's basic right to education is met and that young people are prepared to live independent lives. More 
  • Protect children in emergencies

    When children are exposed to danger as a result of war or natural catastrophe we take action to bring them as quickly as possible from the emergency situation into a caring and protective environment. More