Types of alternative care supported by SOS Children’s Villages

Photographer: Tommy Standún

SOS Children's Villages provides and supports a range of alternative care settings for children who have lost the care of their parents.

In line with the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care for Children, we support the following types of alternative care for children:
Family-like care

Kinship care

Foster care

Small group homes

Emergency shelters

Mother and child shelters

Transit homes

Care in the best interest of each child

No matter the type of alternative care, we always put the best interests of the individual child first.

Although we believe that children thrive best in a family environment, there are sometimes occasions when it is not in the child’s best interest to be placed in family-like alternative care. For example:

  • To avoid attachment issues and/or repeat separation trauma where placement is temporary before a child is reintegrated with his or her biological family. In such cases, an emergency shelter or transit home may be a better choice.

  • Where the experience or character of the child, the need to keep siblings together, or the required level of care call for small group homes as the most appropriate form of alternative care.

  • SOS families

    In SOS families, children grow up in a stable, secure and loving home.