Data analysis tool supports results-based management

Photographer: Sylvain Cherkaoui

Software company think-cell boosts SOS Children’s Villages’ efficiency and organisational learning with in-kind donation of software.

In recent years SOS Children’s Villages has committed to embracing a results-based management approach in our programmes, drawing on evidence of the changes we bring about through our work with children, families and communities, to accelerate learning, allow for better informed decision-making, and increase accountability, both locally and globally.

Data analysis is critical to results-based management. Yet as most professionals know, turning raw data into the clear and informative data visuals needed for stakeholder communication and learning can be resource-intensive work.

That’s where the Berlin-based software company think-cell came to SOS Children’s Villages’ aid – with an in-kind donation as valuable as money or manpower.

The think-cell company provided all SOS Children’s Villages co-workers with free use of their software, which facilitates quick creation of complex data charts, such as waterfalls, Marimekko and Gantt, and presentation and agenda slides.

At SOS Children’s Villages, the software will be used to analyse financial and programme data related to our work in child development, family strengthening and community capacity building, and to make the data more transparent and understandable for internal and external stakeholders.

The think-cell software will also support SOS Children’s Villages’ project planning and fundraising communications. Because the software enables up to a 70% reduction in time needed to produce quality data visuals from complex data, it further reduces overhead.

Financial and non-financial data from our programmes are not only better understood, but data preparation is much more efficient. Conclusions can be drawn more easily and co-workers save time and costs in communicating them. As a result, programme outputs improve and more resources can be invested in our core work of supporting at-risk children and families.

“We are grateful to count think-cell as one of our valued corporate supporters who help us save time and resources,” said Klaus Weissbacher, Deputy CFO of SOS Children’s Villages International. “As think-cell generously provided the free license of their software for federation-wide use, our co-workers in all 134 countries and territories where SOS Children’s Villages is working have the opportunity now to use this very helpful tool in their work for children.”