Empowering future generations

In 2015, SOS Children’s Villages International joined global risk expert, insurance and financial services provider Allianz in an international pilot partnership in four initial countries: Germany, Romania, India, and France. After a successful first year, the partnership was extended to a period of another three years as of mid-2016.

The partnership sees Allianz companies across the globe lend their support to SOS Children’s Villages. In addition to projects providing children with individual support, Allianz is contributing its risk management expertise, for example by helping to turn children's villages into safe ports of call for local communities in the event of a catastrophe, or offering cyber security trainings to young people and SOS staff.

The partnership is part of Allianz’ "Encouraging Future Generations" programme and is designed to promote social inclusion. It aims to empower young people to shape a secure future, providing them with better opportunities, skills and networks. Together, we are contributing to building a resilient future generation that is able to overcome challenges and grasp opportunities to be fully integrated members of society. In order to fulfil their vision, the partners focus on the following topics:

  • Safety and Preparedness
  • Youth Participation
  • Youth Development

To achieve its aim and realize a diverse range of projects, the partnership uses diverse approaches, including exchange and dialogue, sharing of knowledge, corporate volunteering, funding/corporate giving, products and services.

Highlights from 2017 include the Allianz World Run that saw more than 10,000 Allianz employees from 55 countries covering a cumulated distance of nearly 1.37 million kilometres to raise funds for SOS Children's Villages. The global activity raised EUR 500,000 that are used to launch the new joint emergency preparedness (E-Prep) programme, which helps SOS Children’s Villages prepare for and better respond to humanitarian emergencies.