Where are they now?

We call them 'SOS alumni'. They are the people who grew up with the support of SOS Children’s Villages. Their inspiring stories are a testament to the lasting impact of our unique model of family-like care, which we first developed nearly 70 years ago. 

Rupesh, Nepal

As a child growing up in SOS Children’s Village Kavre in Nepal, Rupesh Lama would mesmerise the other children by acting out fantastic stories.

Now as an adult, Rupesh has turned that talent into an acting career, performing with a theatre company in Kathmandu. His dream is to one day go into movies.

“For me SOS gave me the opportunity to discover and know myself,” says Rupesh. “If I didn’t come here who knows what my life would be like. I might be roaming the streets, asking for money. I may have never discovered my potential.”

Magaly, Peru

Magaly first arrived at the SOS Children's Village Arequipa at the age of five. At 22, she is on course to complete her studies and to qualify as a primary school teacher. 

"I received so much support at SOS Children’s Villages. I think I needed them the most when I was a little girl. When I first arrived at the Village, I met my mum. She is a friend to me," says Magaly. 

In the future, Magaly plans to complete a psychology course to assist children from troubled backgrounds.

Jorge, Panama

As a child, Jorge Mena was running around the streets of Panama City, begging for money in hopes of finding his next meal.

Jorge is still running, but today thousands of people are cheering him on. At 26, Jorge – who grew up in the SOS Children’s Village in Penonomé – is a track and field phenomenon with dreams of one day becoming an Olympian for his native Panama.

“I have found in athletics the opportunity to be someone in life,” says Jorge. “Thanks to all the teachings my SOS family gave me, I have thrived despite the fact that I had a difficult childhood.”


Masresha, Ethiopia

Masresha grew up at the SOS Children's Village in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Today she is an English teacher and strives to help vulnerable children.

My SOS family has created a good foundation for who I am today. I have been equipped with the necessary skills I need, and I believe so have the other young people”, she recalls.

Masresha’s goal for the future is to found her own organisation to help empower girls and women.

British, Zimbabwe

British grew up in the SOS Children’s Village Bulawayo. He and his three siblings arrived there when he was 10 years old. Today, British and his wife are living their dream as the musical duo of “Stango and Nongoma”. 

“I’m a living of example of the impact of SOS Children’s Villages,” he added. “If it was not for SOS, I wouldn’t be here. Never mind the music. If I never went to school, where was I going to get the confidence I needed in life?"

Monika, Bulgaria

Monika Ivanova is a young aspiring film-maker living in Sofia, Bulgaria

"One of the reasons I decided to study film was that growing up in an SOS Children's Village, there were always a lot of stories to tell around me", she says.
Encouraged by her SOS mother to pursue her passion and interests, Monika was particularly drawn to film production, a career she is now pursuing.

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