SOS Children`s Villages supports individual children, young people and families so that they can thrive (photo: SOS Children’s Villages Angola).

Lubango is a city in the region of Huila in the south western part of Angola. About 876,000 people live in the city itself and about 2.6 million in the region. Many people moved here during the civil war in search of safety. Like other areas of Angola, the region surrounding Lubango is affected by droughts and famines. As a result, 42% of children are not getting the food they need to grow and develop.

Since 1996, SOS Children’s Villages has been supporting children, young people and families and advocating for their rights in Lubango.

People were affected by the drought in 2019

Natural disasters affect families

Drought and famine often affect this southern area of Angola. In 2019, over 200,000 people were affected by drought in the region of Huila, where Lubango is situated. Families that are already at risk, and living from one day to the next, are most affected when drought strikes. Many of these people had come to the region from other areas of the country. They were in search of food for themselves or pastures for their cattle.

1.3 Million
People are living in poverty in the Lubango region

Poverty affects children’s education

1.3 million people are living in poverty in the province where Lubango is situated. Most poverty is found in rural areas – most families here live off small farms to feed themselves. When drought strikes, they struggle to feed their children. In rural areas, there is a lack of doctors and health facilities. There is also a link between poverty and education. This can be a vicious circle because when a family faces economic hardship, the children often have to drop out of school to contribute to the household’s income.

Your support makes a difference for children in Lubango

SOS Children’s Villages works with local partners and communities to offer a wide range of support that is adapted to the local context. We always work in the best interest of the children, young people and families.
Can stay together
Learn at our kindergartens and schools
Children and young people
Grow up in our care
Children playing together. Siblings grow up with each other, and often form bonds that last a lifetime (photo: SOS Children’s Villages Angola).

How your support helps in Lubango

Strengthening families and communities
When parents face hardships, they can sometimes struggle to give children the care they need. SOS Children’s Villages works with local partners and communities. Each family needs different support so that they can stay together. This support can include workshops on parenting and children’s rights. We also run training so that parents can get the skills they need to get a job or start their own businesses. Likewise, we ensure that children can get medical help and go to school.
Providing quality education
SOS Children’s Villages ensures that children and young people have access to high-quality education. We help them learn and develop in a safe and supportive environment. We train teachers on children’s rights and child-centered learning, so that each child can get the most out of their education. Young children spend time playing and learning at kindergarten. This prepares them for primary school.
Caring for children who cannot live with their families
Some children cannot stay with their families, even with additional support. When this happens, they can find a new home in SOS Children’s Villages. Some children and young people in our care live together in small group homes. A small team of professional caregivers, who work in shifts, provide stable care by forming close bonds. Wherever possible, we work closely with the children’s family of origin. If children can return to live with their families, we help them adapt to this change.