SOS Children’s Villages ensures that children grow up with the care, protection and relationships they need to become their strongest selves (photo: SOS Children’s Villages Albania).

Albania is a small Balkan country in southeast Europe, situated on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The country has a diverse landscape, which ranges from sunny beaches to snow-capped mountains. Recent economic progress has led to a significant improvement in the living standards for many of the 2.8 million people who live here. However, many children, young people and families are in need of extra support.

SOS Children’s Villages has been supporting children and young people without parental care, or at risk of losing it, in Albania since 1995.

Children are at risk

Life in Albania has improved for many, but the vulnerable population continue to be overlooked. Unemployment, poverty and violence is amplified for those in difficult situations. Without sufficient social support, these problems can be hard to escape. Children and young people who grow up in these circumstances need special support so that they can go to school and grow up in a healthy and safe environment. Young people need targeted assistance so that they can find a way of making a living and become independent.
1 in 3
Children in Albania are at risk of poverty


Poverty in Albania has decreased in the recent past, but many families at risk continue to live in hardship. 30% of children in the country are at risk of poverty. Unemployment continues to affect many families, with many parents unable to afford suitable housing or daily necessities for themselves and their children. The difficulties of life in poverty can often be too hard for families to cope with, and these families need extra support so that they can stay together.

Of children have been treated aggressively


Violence and abuse of children is still an issue in some parts of Albanian society. Children are exposed to violence at home, at school and in the community. Not only is there a risk to children’s safety, but there are serious long-term effects on their physical and emotional development. Efforts have been made to raise awareness and stop violence, but 1 in 2 children have still been subjected to psychological or physical aggression.

1 in 4
Young people in Albania are unable to find work

Youth unemployment

Unemployment is a widespread issue in Albania, but young people are at a particular disadvantage: 26% of young people who are actively looking for a job are unable to find one. Young people do not have many opportunities for further vocational education or training. For young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, these opportunities are even more limited. Without the right education, young people in Albania are unable to reach their full potential.

Together we can make a difference for children in Albania

Adults and children
Are supported in the community
Young people and adults
Can attend trainings
Children and young people
Grow up in our care
Young people
Are supported on their way to independence
In Albania, we provide support and assistance to families. The support varies according to the needs of each family, and we draw up a joint plan with them. The aim is to ensure that the family becomes a stable and caring environment where children and young people can grow up (photo: Bo Holmberg).

Let’s keep on protecting children and young people!

Many children have been able to find a safe and secure home. With your help, we can continue to change their lives