About us

We work to prevent family breakdown and care for children who have lost parental care, or who risk losing it. We work with communities, partners and states to ensure that the rights of all children, in every society, are respected and fulfilled.

We are non-governmental and non-denominational. We respect all religions and cultures and work with trusted partners in places where we can contribute to social development.

All the work we do is made possible through the generous support of sponsors and donors, institutional and corporate partners, and loyal friends worldwide. Your help is needed too.
  • Vision, mission and values

    These are the principles that guide our decisions, actions and relationships. They are the cornerstones of our long history of making a difference in children's lives. More 
  • Impact

    SOS Children's Villages associations worldwide help hundreds of thousands of children and young people every year through services in Care, Education, Health and Emergency Response. Learn more...
  • Organisation

    As a global federation with 118 autonomous, national member associations SOS Children's Villages International has a special way of working together and ensuring the highest quality child care and accountable management practices. Learn more...
  • History

    One person can make a difference. Working together we make lasting changes. Learn how Hermann Gmeiner, a child welfare worker, started SOS Children's Villages on a shoe-string. More...
  • Hermann Gmeiner Award

    The Hermann Gmeiner Award recognises outstanding individuals who were cared for in an SOS Children's Villages programme, and grew up to distinguish themselves through their accomplishments and contributions to their communities. More