Perceval goes from Stevie to accomplished scientist and pilot

Coach Perceval during the SOS Rose Hall Soccer Camp in Jamaica in 2015. Photographer: SOS Archives
Coach Perceval during the SOS Rose Hall Soccer Camp in Jamaica in 2015. Photographer: SOS Archives

For “little Stevie” it started with “the best” kindergarten teacher in the SOS Children’s Village Barrett Town in Jamaica. Now, more than 30 years later, the list of Dr Perceval Steven Bahado-Singh’s academic and other accomplishments is getting longer and longer.

Perceval (37) is most likely the only former SOS Children’s Villages child with both a PhD in science as well as a commercial pilot licence. Moreover, locked up in these two qualifications lie a wealth of study, research and experience that few people will achieve in their lifetime.

Perceval says his academic journey, which includes him winning numerous scholarships, started with “aunty Lorna”, his kindergarten teacher who he is still in touch with. Despite all his later accomplishments, he remains involved with SOS Children’s Villages Jamaica, giving not only financially, but also of his valuable time.

Every child wants to be a part of “coach” Perceval’s team at annual football camps. There is also the Dr Perceval Bahado-Singh and Friends Scholarship to fund the studies of “my little brothers and sisters in SOS Children’s Villages Jamaica”. So far, it has paid out over $20,000 to worthy scholars.

The chemical pathologist who also sits on the boards of various Jamaican and US private and public sector corporations, lived in SOS Children’s Village Barrett Town with his two older sisters for 17 years between the age of 2 and 19.
Playing in SOS Children’s Village Barrett Town, Jamaica, as a young boy. Photographer: SOS Archives

Perceval obtained his PhD in clinical biochemistry when he was 26, and in 2013 he pursued a MSc in chemical pathology. He has conducted valuable scientific research in the fields of diabetes and cancer, publishing 15 peer-reviewed articles, 30 abstracts and co-authoring two books.

When he started pilot training in 2008, it came as no surprise that Perceval soon obtained both a private as well as a commercial pilot license, with almost 1,000 flight hours under his belt.

The highflying achiever’s wish for SOS Children’s Villages’ children across the world is “to understand the value of education and purposefully develop a relentless pursuit of academic excellence, for a successful life”.   

“Dr Perceval Steven Bahado-Singh is without question one of SOS Children’s Villages’ proudest sons and one of Jamaica’s most accomplished young scientists. He truly embodies the spirit of our founder Hermann Gmeiner’s vision for SOS Children’s Village children.”
Ms Nadine Williams, National Director SOS Children’s Villages Jamaica.