In 2016, SOS Children's Villages associations worldwide helped hundreds of thousands of children, young people and families through services in Care, Education, Health and Emergency Response.

577,000 children and young people worldwide were cared for and supported through SOS Children’s Villages family strengthening and alternative care in 2016.
297,000 people were learning at SOS Children’s Villages kindergartens, schools, training centres and social centres in 2016.
894,000 single health services were provided by SOS Children’s Villages health teams in 2016.
317,900 single emergency services were provided by SOS Children’s Villages emergency teams in 23 countries in 2016.


Measuring long-term impact

Those numbers tell only part of the story. They reflect our reach, but they don’t show how we have improved people’s lives in the long term.
We therefore developed a social impact assessment methodology that measures how people who were cared for or supported by SOS Children’s Villages as children are doing – years later – in eight dimensions: care, physical health, social and emotional well-being, education and skills, protection, livelihood, food security and shelter.

Impact insights: Results of social impact assessments in seven programme locations

Social impact assessment in SOS Children's Villages: Approach and methodology

Individual country snapshots:

Côte d'Ivoire Swaziland
Ethiopia Tanzania
Nepal Togo

More about the outcomes and the impact of our work around the world: