Health care

Access to good quality health care is every child's right. SOS Children's Villages associations and our partners are working to ensure that communities have the resources and knowledge to provide their children with quality health care.

Latest news

  • ICT4D ‘Telemedicine’ project brings needed medical expertise to remote Benin

    31.03.2015 - In Benin, an ICT4D ‘Telemedicine Kit’ pilot by SOS Children’s Villages, Inmarsat and Safe Patient System is bringing advanced medical care to communities far from hospitals. More 
  • Interim care centre in Monrovia, Liberia

    Ebola survivors take lead in caring for abandoned children

    12.01.2015 - Children left parentless by the Ebola epidemic are now receiving quality care and counseling from Ebola survivors. More...
  • New gear helps SOS Children’s Villages fight Ebola spread in Liberia

    28.08.2014 - In the Liberian capital of Monrovia, where an already-struggling health sector has been devastated by the Ebola outbreak, the delivery of 100 full protection body suits for medical workers at the SOS Medical Centre is literally a gift of life. More...
  • As Ebola outbreak worsens, doctors battle with beliefs and shortages

    21.07.2014 - SOS Children’s Villages programmes continue efforts to raise awareness and battle the spread of the disease in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone More...
  • Save My Mother

    16.08.2013 - Cervical cancer was far from Annie’s mind when both she and her daughter tested positive for HIV. Her concern was for her little girl who lay in a hospital bed, her life threatened by pneumonia. While health services were freely available locally, they were out of reach for the ailing mother and child. More...
  • One child in every 11 dies as a result of preventable health conditions in Ethiopia @ SOS Archives

    Women deliver positive health message

    07.03.2013 - One child in every 11 dies as a result of preventable health conditions in Ethiopia. A quarter of the population – most of whom are illiterate and poor– live at least 10km from any health facility. Rural women are now at the forefront of change. Watch the video
  • A new generation, a new perspective on HIV/AIDS © C. Geunda

    World AIDS Day – A new generation a new approach

    29.11.2012 - In a fashion and design school in Burkina Faso, Djamila - an apprentice and entrepreneur - is passionate about dress making. She is a role model in the community. At 19-year old, she became known as Doctor Djamila. What makes her unique, is what she says about HIV. More...
  • Children have a right to clean healthy water @ Comfort

    Where comfort is clean water

    24.07.2012 - When a group of Swedish plumbers helped provide clean drinking water via SOS Children’s Villages to a community in Benin, not only did they improve the health of thousands, they gained from a partnership that delivers a fundamental right. More...
  • Photo: Hilary Atkins

    Using information to prevent cholera at the SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School in Haiti

    27.10.2010 - 26/10/2010 - A cholera outbreak in Haiti has killed some 300 people and over 3,500 have been infected. The SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School in Santo uses information as a prevention tool. More...
  • No reported cases of swine flu in SOS Children's Villages Mexico

    28.04.2009 - 28/04/2009 - As more and more cases of the A/H1N1 virus, better known as swine flu are being reported all over the world and mainly in Mexico, SOS Children's Villages Mexico has taken preventive measures, even though there have been no cases within the programmes of the organisation so far. More...