• Bringing the voices of children to the United Nations

    26.03.2015 - 14-year-old Rodrigo, who currently lives with an SOS family in Chile, spoke in front of global leaders at an event in the United Nations More 
  • Syria’s ‘lost generation’ of children now suffering year 5 of war

    20.03.2015 - As the brutal conflict in Syria enters its fifth year, over 12.2 million people there need life-saving humanitarian assistance. Almost half of them are children who now face a fifth year of being denied their rights to safety, education, health care and protection. More 
  • Ebola in West Africa: One Year after the Outbreak

    19.02.2015 - In December 2013 a two-year-old boy from Guinea died of strange symptoms. His case was later identified by researchers as the first case of Ebola in West Africa since 2012. It was the beginning of the biggest-ever Ebola outbreak. Here’s how it unfolded, and where we are today. More