• Ebola in West Africa: One Year after the Outbreak

    19.02.2015 - In December 2013 a two-year-old boy from Guinea died of strange symptoms. His case was later identified by researchers as the first case of Ebola in West Africa since 2012. His death was the beginning of the biggest-ever Ebola outbreak, which continues to grip West African countries despite an apparent decline in the number of new cases Here’s how the Ebola outbreak unfolded, and where we are today. More 
  • New report proposes steps for protecting children in alternative care

    18.02.2015 - New research from the University of Bedfordshire and SOS Children's Villages provides practitioners and policy-makers with recommendations for how to protect children in alternative care from violence. More 
  • Hope for a better life in Kosovo

    11.02.2015 - Sali Gashi is one of the thousands of Kosovar Albanians who sees illegal immigration as the only way out of a life of deep poverty and unemployment. SOS Children's Villages is working to show him and others another way. More