• International Day of Families: Celebrating the impact of a strong family

    15.05.2017 - Why are strong families so important for a child's development? How does a caring family environment affect a child’s life? Stories from different countries show the impact of a strong family. More 
  • Creating a home for children in South Sudan

    04.05.2017 - SOS parents play a central role in creating emotionally stable and resilient relationships and a secure and nurturing home for children who have lost parental care. In this video, Mary Gwang, an SOS mother in South Sudan, shares how she cares for her SOS family in Juba every day. More 
  • Enhancing youth employability in Latin America

    20.04.2017 - Two new initiatives have been launched to help foster youth employability in Latin America. SOS Children’s Villages is teaming up with partners to provide a range of opportunities for young people to build their skills and prepare for the job market. More