End violence against children

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    Violence against children: A global problem

    Violence against children is one of the biggest problems affecting families and societies. It happens all around the world, in all countries and societies; all too often it happens in the family. Read on to learn more about violence against children and effective approaches to ending it. More 

Latest news

  • Speaking out to help end violence against children

    10.07.2016 - On 12 July, the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children is launched at the United Nations in New York. 17-year-old Ramón, who grew up in an SOS Children's Village in Paraguay, has been invited to represent children and young people of his region. More 
  • Where urban violence hits children

    11.05.2016 - In South African communities reeling from poverty, drug epidemics and gang violence, SOS Children’s Villages and their community-based partners look for new ways to keep children safe in their families. More 
  • Grow without violence: Promote active fatherhood

    16.03.2016 - SOS Peru piloted a family strengthening project with a special focus on fathers. Read about how debates and activities around active fatherhood and gender equality can help reduce family violence. More 
  • Boy who struggled with aggression responds to positive discipline

    10.03.2016 - With the help of a SOS community centre, a mother learns how positive discipline helps to curb her son's violent outbursts. More 
  • "We declared war on violence"

    08.03.2016 - SOS Social Crisis Centres in Belarus are saving lives and changing attitudes about domestic violence. More