What you can do

The challenges faced by the world's children are too big for any single organisation to solve alone, but working together we make lasting changes that improve generations of lives. SOS Children's Villages' trusted partners and loyal friends make possible all the good we do for children around the world.

  • International Sponsorship Gateway

    Individual donations

    As an SOS Children's Villages sponsor or donor you make it possible for a child at risk to grow up in a loving home, with good nutrition, health care and a quality education that will prepare him or her for a bright future. More 
  • Corporate partnerships

    Our valued national and international corporate partners are helping to make the world a better place for children. Let's work together! More 
  • Institutional partnerships

    Together with institutional partners we are contributing to help reduce poverty and to support the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The support these institutions provide help to maximise the resources and impact of SOS Children’s Villages all over the world. More 
  • Philanthropy

    SOS Children’s Villages’ unparalleled experience in care and prevention, and our results-based approach to development, ensure a high social return on investment and peace of mind in knowing that your contribution is making a real difference for children and societies. More