June 17 2017

World Refugee Day 2017

On this and every day, SOS Children’s Villages works globally to care for and protect children, and to keep displaced families together

Some 20 million people worldwide have had to flee their home country because of conflict, unrest or catastrophe, and another 40 million are displaced within their own countries. Over half are children.

As we mark World Refugee Day 2017, SOS Children’s Villages emergency response programmes are helping refugees and internally displaced people in 14 countries. We are also developing programmes in still more countries to help children displaced by armed conflict or natural disaster.
Families may be motivated to flee in part to give their children hope for a better life. But sudden migration can also have a traumatic effect on children - through separation or loss of parents, poor health care, lost education, emotional strain, and in some cases sheer neglect.
That is why, whenever possible, we are on the ground providing food and non-food items; first aid and counselling; safe spaces for children and families to rest and recover; communications support so that families can find each other and stay in touch; and trauma counselling and interim care for unaccompanied children.
In some of the countries where refugees and migrants are finding new homes, we also work to ensure that there are long-term solutions that protect the dignity of children and allow them to integrate into society – providing access to counselling, language courses, and educational and vocational opportunities. Where needed, we also provide a range of family-based care options.
World Refugee Day is marked on 20 June. At SOS Children’s Villages, we work every day for the care and protection of children, and to keep displaced families together.

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