SOS Children's villages is the world’s largest organization focused on ensuring that children and young people without parental care or at risk of losing it grow up with the care, relationships and support they need to become their strongest selves.


At SOS Children’s Villages, we do whatever it takes to ensure that each child and young person grows up with the bonds and healthy relationships they need to become their strongest selves and thrive in the future. To that end, our locally led operations in more than 130 countries and territories work to strengthen families experiencing hardship so they can stay together. When staying with their family is not in a child or young person’s best interest, we provide them with quality care and support adapted to their unique needs, experiences and culture.

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SOS Children’s Villages International is constantly developing its highly committed and diverse global workforce with co-workers from different cultures and professional skills. As the umbrella organisation of SOS Children’s Villages, we:

  • Coordinate and support the federation’s programmes and activities around the world

  • Manage the organisation’s finances, accounting and reporting according to highest standards of transparency and accountability

  • Promote open communication, coordination and knowledge sharing within the federation and with external stakeholders and partners

  • Drive the development of global policies, quality standards and programme innovation within the federation

  • Promote child rights and take action to improve policies and practices that affect the well-being of children at risk

  • Facilitate strong partnerships with communities, governments, institutional and corporate partners, international organisations, NGOs and other key stakeholders

Our principles

People are our greatest asset. As an employer, we are guided by the following principles.

Our staff feel they are part of the organisation, identify with its values, and share a commitment to children. A professional approach to child care, balanced by compassion and understanding, is promoted. A culture is created which values staff members as equal partners, recognises their contributions, and supports their professional development.

People are our organisation's greatest asset, and each staff member is treated with respect, fairness and consistency. Our staff works together as supportive partners, in a spirit of understanding and trust. Teamwork is encouraged to bring new ideas and plans to life.

SOS Children's Villages supports the continual development of its co-workers, helping them to improve their skills and professional capabilities. A culture that promotes learning and creativity is nurtured. Individual training needs are assessed, and performance is evaluated, encouraging the long-term growth of each employee. Long service is encouraged, to build experience, continuity and a stable environment in which children can grow.

Through strong leadership, effective delegation, and involvement in planning and decision-making, our staff are motivated to take full responsibility for their work, within a clearly defined frame of standards and responsibilities. Initiative and confidence are built, allowing co-workers to act decisively in addressing their daily challenges.

Other opportunities

SOS Children’s Villages International does not run a volunteer programme. Please contact the national SOS association in your country for local volunteer opportunities. 


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