ICT4D – Technology for children, young people and families

In today’s world, ICT has tremendous power to boost the potential of people and communities.

ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) applies these technologies to support learning and makes them more widely accessible.

IC Technology boosting development

Providing children and young people with access to the Internet and digital technologies and developing their digital skills broadens their development opportunities. In challenging settings where it is difficult to access quality school and vocational education, health services, decent jobs and reliable information, ICT4D allows to offer these services virtually and thus becomes essential.

SOS Children's Villages maximizes the power of ICT4D to support actions aimed towards the integral development of children and young people.

What do we do?

Leveraging technology to improve lives - We support the development of children, young people, families and communities:

providing access to the internet and digital tecnhologies

enhancing digital literacy

→ facilitating learning through e-learning and open-source courses

→ offering virtual trainings to improve employability

→ connecting young people and mentors through social networks

→ providing databases and accounting software to improve healthcare infrastructure


Bridging Digital Divides

Two-thirds of the world's population of children and young people under the age of 26 do not have access to Internet at home¹, showcasing digital divides restricting children and young people in their personal and professional development. SOS Children's Villages takes this issue seriously and we seek to bridge that gap, so each of the children and young people accompanied by SOS Children's Villages have access to the Internet, know how to use a computer, have access to online classes, mentoring and job training, and online internships and jobs that contribute to their development.

¹United Nations Children’s Fund and International Telecommunication Union, “How many children and young people have internet access at home?”


ICT4D to reach the SDG’s

For us, committing to the SDGs means using information technologies to build a better and more sustainable world for everyone, especially for the children and young people, don’t leaving no one behind.

We contribute to achieve the sustainable development goals jointly - namely, working towards SDG 1, 4 8, 9, 10 & 17.

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