Children and young people need someone by their side who is there for them, listens to them, understands them, and supports them, no matter what.
But today, 1 in 10 children and young people are separated from their families, abandoned, neglected or forced to live in an abusive environment, growing up without the support they need to prepare themselves for their future. The reasons vary from family to family and from country to country, are complex, and are often interlinked.

Reasons for family breakdown

Violence, abuse and neglect

Death of a caregiver


        Forced migration

 Poor physical or mental health
of caregiver

 Lack of access to social services

 Child marriage and teen pregnancy

By adressing the reasons for family breakdown, society can significantly reduce the number of children who need out-of-home care. Such investments serve to create stronger families overall, who are then able to provide the strong bonds and support children and young people need as they transition into adulthood. This transition time is critical in order for children to become strong, independent adults. Child-family separation can also create additional costs to governments and strain public services. So ultimately, preventing family breakdown today creates an enormous return on investment and a stronger society for the future. 

How we do it