Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the SOS Children's Villages organisation and our work.

  • Our organisation

    Who founded SOS Children's Villages?
    What is an SOS Children's Village?
    What are "supporting facilities"?
    What is the difference between SOS Children's Villages International and SOS Children's Villages?
    What is a National Office?
    What are SOS Promoting Associations?
    What leads to SOS Children's Villages becoming active in a new country?
  • The SOS Children's Village

    What are the criteria for establishing an SOS Children's Village in a country?
    Which children are eligible for admission to an SOS Children's Village?
    Who decides whether a child is admitted or not?
    How many children does one SOS Children's Village family have?
    When do children leave the care of SOS Children's Villages?
  • Donations, Corporate Partnerships and Legacies

    How do I make a donation to SOS Children's Villages International?
    Does SOS Children's Villages International issue receipts for donations?
    What is a corporate partnership?
    Can I leave money to SOS Children's Villages in my will?
  • Education and Training

    According to which educational concept are the children being brought up?
    According to which religion are the children brought up?
    Is there a special educational model for SOS Kindergartens?
    Where do the children go to school?
    What kind of education do SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools offer?
    How are the children and youths being supported in their personal development?
    What is an SOS Hermann Gmeiner International College?
  • Other programmes and facilities

    Does SOS Children's Villages run projects alongside the SOS Children's Villages?
    What is an SOS Emergency Relief Programme?
    Why does SOS Children's Villages not play a greater role in aid relief?
    How does SOS Children's Villages tackle the HIV/AIDS issue?
    Are there any SOS Children's Villages programmes in place regarding HIV/AIDS?
  • Use of donation and sponsorship monies

    What percentage of the organisation's expenditure goes towards covering administrative costs?
    Why does SOS Children's Villages International financially support its own facilities and programmes only?
    What costs are covered by sponsorship contributions?
  • Working for SOS Children's Villages

    Working for SOS Children's Villages in general
    Can I work in an SOS Children's Village as a volunteer?
    What are the criteria for the selection of SOS mothers?
    What kind of training do SOS mothers receive?
    How do SOS mothers live and work?
    Why are there hardly any SOS fathers or couples? More...
  • Other topics

    Why is there no advertising on our website?
    Is it possible to visit an SOS Children's Village?
    Can children from an SOS Children's Village be adopted?
    What is our organisation's attitude towards adoption?
  • General questions

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