We advocate for children's rights

All children have equal rights to care and protection, and to live a healthy life free from abuse and harm. SOS Children’s Villages defends and promotes these rights for all children on a global, regional, and national level. We work with partners to improve laws, policies and practices so that each child and young person, and their families receive the care and support they need. By advocating to uphold their rights, all children can become their strongest selves.

What are children's rights?

Children’s rights are laid out in international, regional and national frameworks that establish the fundamental rights each child has. Children in alternative care are particularly vulnerable. We take action to amplify their voices and bring them to the forefront of policy and decision-making, working with states and partners to help ensure that children who have lost parental care or risk losing it are protected, cared for and empowered and that their rights are respected.

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Sustainable future for children

SOS Children's Villages works to help build a sustainable future for all children. We put children and young people at the centre of our actions to support the Sustainable Development Goals, recognising that every single child has a right to be included in global efforts to make sustainable development a reality.
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Youth participation

Young people have a right to express their opinion and to be listened to. They play a vital role in shaping the future. We give young people the opportunity to speak out and communicate with decision-makers and communities, and encourage them to be active participants in decisions affecting their own lives.
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Initiatives with partners

We join forces with other recognised stakeholders who work to protect and promote child rights. Through working together and finding partnerships we create the greatest possible impact on the lives of children and young people.

Promoting standards of care

We promote and ensure quality alternative care. We work with governments, care professionals and partners to help ensure that children's rights are fulfilled and every child has the best, most suitable care for their individual situation.