Teach and train

Photographer: Kristin Svorte

Quality education and training are keys to a successful future. We help ensure that children's fundamental right to education is met and that young people are prepared to live independent lives.

  • Child-centred education

    We work with families, communities and partners to ensure that each child has access to education and training that address individual needs and circumstances and helps children develop their potential. More 
  • Youth employability

    Young people all over the world are facing challenges when trying to find work and transition to independence. SOS Children's Villages supports young people to help them prepare for the labour market and increase their employment prospects. More 
  • Opening doors to education

    Every child has a right to education. Yet, millions of children worldwide are denied their right and are excluded from quality education. Children without parental care or at risk of losing it are particularly vulnerable to miss out on education and training. More 
  • ICT4D

    We work with partners to make information and communication technologies more accessible to children, young people and families around the world so they can enhance their knowledge, skills, networks and resources to build sustainable futures. More