July 10 2015

2014 International Annual Report released

The 2014 International Annual Report of SOS Children's Villages, published today, presents the risk factors for family breakdown and the positive impacts of family strengthening, plus programme statistics, financial results, and more.

In 2014, SOS Children’s Villages International provided sustained care for more than 439,000 children, young people and adults through its Family Strengthening and Family Based Care programmes.

SOS kindergartens, schools, vocational training centres and social centres offered education and learning opportunities for over 206,000 people.

SOS teams provided essential health or emergency services more than 1.6 million times.

Donors, sponsors and partners (corporate, foundational, institutional and governmental) gave over €1 billion in funding to run these care and education programmes, services and operations.

These and many more facts about the reach and impact of the work that SOS Children's Villages International does to help children and families at risk are part of the 2014 International Annual Report, which takes as its theme the words 'Listen - Act'.

Through programme data, case studies, and the words of children and young people, their caregivers, SOS co-workers, donors and partners – the report explores how SOS Children's Villages International listens first, then acts, to respond with the right help for individuals and communities in need.

The Programme Report presents important trends affecting the world's most vulnerable children and families.

2014 Facts and Figures is an abridged report featuring just the ‘facts’ and ‘figures’ about children and families at risk, the impact of SOS Children's Villages International programmes in 2014, financial results, and some of the organisation's core principles and positions.

Read both publications here.