Our organization

SOS Children's Villages International comprises more than 130 national SOS Children's Villages associations. As members of the federation, each SOS Children's Villages association is committed to applying the federation's statutes, standards for quality child care, and stringent financial and administrative practices.

General Assembly

The General Assembly, which convenes every four years, is the highest decision-making body of the SOS Children's Villages federation. All member associations have the right to participate and vote in it. The General Assembly directs decisions relating to the federation's statutes and it elects the President and Vice-President, and other members of the International Senate.

International Senate

The International Senate is the overriding policy and supervisory body of the Federation and exercises its supervisory function with the assistance of designated Senate Committees. The International Senate consists of the President of the Federation, the Vice President and 20 persons whose term of office starts with the ordinary General Assembly during which they are elected. The Meetings of the International Senate are convened at least twice a year by the President of the Federation. 

The Management Council

The Management Council is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and is an operational body, taking decisions and acting within a mandate and accountability defined by the International Senate, which strengthens decisions by the Executive Board and gives leverage for their implementation in the federation. Members of the Management Council include the Executive Board (COO and CPO), nine members from member associations, as well as representatives of the International Youth Coalition. 

General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is led by the Executive Board. It comprises the International Offices in Austria and in the regions, the International Competence Centres and Finance and Controlling. The General Secretariat is responsible for implementing strategic decisions taken by the General Assembly and the International Senate, developing and monitoring federation quality standards, and representing the federation in international communications and forums.