International Senate

The International Senate is the overriding policy and supervisory body of the Federation and exercises its supervisory function with the assistance of designated Senate Committees. The International Senate consists of the President of the Federation, the Vice President and 20 persons whose term of office starts with the ordinary General Assembly during which they are elected and ends with the next ordinary General Assembly. The Executive Board is obliged ex officio to attend meetings of the International Senate. The Meetings of the International Senate are convened at least twice a year by the President of the Federation. 

Doris Albisser

  Children with a perspective for the future strengthen our society and thus the future of our world. A loving home for every child provides the basis to achieve this goal. We have a powerful purpose within our community.

Member of the Board, University Hospital Zurich. In SOS Children's Villages Switzerland since 2014, currently as President of the Board.

Aishah Ahmad

 Ensuring no child grows up alone is a sacred and powerful mission. Succeeding sustainably requires uncompromising commitment to child safeguarding, strengthening financial independence and an empowering culture of transparency, diversity and inclusivity.

Former Deputy Governor at the Central Bank of Nigeria. In SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria since 2016, as past board Chairperson and current board member​.

Daniel Barroy

We have to keep the core course of our work - helping globally and for the long term. We have to accompany children to help them become citizens with social lives in their own countries.

Leading roles in governmental bodies in the cultural sector. In SOS Children’s Villages France since June 2008, currently as President.

Pedro Paulo Campos

The only way to bring innovation and new ideas is to bring in new people. I think we need to focus on how to bring new ideas to the various programmes we have.

Partner, investment and advisory firm Arsenal Investimentos. 
In SOS Children's Villages Brazil since 2010, currently as Chairperson of the Board.

Kārlis Danēvičs

 We can bring a lot of experience from my part of the world. We have been successful in deinstitutionalization, fundraising, self-sustainability and child rights advocacy with local governments.

Member of the Management Board, SEB Bank. In SOS Children's Villages Latvia since 2015, currently as Chairperson of the Board.

Elisabeth Grieg

 To develop a society and move it in a positive direction, you need to take care of the children. They need to grow up in safe environments and get quality education that makes them grow up and contribute to their societies.

Board Chair, Grieg Maturitas. In SOS Children's Villages Norway since 2006, currently as Board Member.

Lanna Idriss

Member of the Executive Board of Hermann-Gmeiner-Fonds Deutschland.

Rakesh Jinsi

 My desire is to see SOS Children's Villages as a leading childcare organization that reaches out to the maximum number of children in multiple ways. An organization that is able to take care of children with different needs.

Leading roles in automotive, non-profit and education sectors. In SOS Children's Villages India since 2009, currently as President.

Michael Wandy Karlsson

  We should work towards the future and think about where shall SOS Children's Villages be in five, ten, twenty years. We need too focus on why we are here.      We are here for the children.

Lawyer. In SOS Children's Villages Sweden since 2003,
currently as Chairperson of the Board.

Susan Kiama 

 If you give children good lives, allow them to learn and teach them the right way, they will become great parents and make a difference in the world.

Managing Consultant, Three Green Apples Consulting. In SOS Children's Villages Kenya since 2012, currently as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.

Andreas Kovar

My personal interests are the development of childcare and the innovations that will come to SOS Children's Villages around the world.

Managing partner, Kovar & Partners. Public affairs consultant. In SOS Children's Villages Austria since 2013, currently as Deputy Chairperson of the Supervisory Board.

Maria Grazia Lanzani

We need unity, transparency and improved governance. Our purpose and identity lay in the SOS Care Promise.

Entrepreneur, founder and executive board member in different profit and non-profit companies and organizations. In SOS Children's Villages Italy since 2005, currently as President.

Lars Henrik Munch

 My dream for our organization is that, at all times, we will all go out of our way to live up to our Care Promise.

Adjunct professor. Board chair in different companies and organizations, mainly within media, art & design. In SOS Children’s Villages Denmark since 2010, currently as Chairperson.

Gabi Nahum

CEO and founder of Jethro Group. Member of the Board of Directors in In SOS Children's Villages Israel.

Gordon Nzalo

 We have a rich history that we should leverage on, as we continue building an international organization that is united, transparent and remains child-care centric.

Director, Bryte Consulting Services. In SOS Children's Villages South Africa since 2001, currently as Chairperson of the Board.

Maria Raharinarivonirina

President of SOS Children's Villages Madagascar

Mel Senen Sarmiento

My mission is to establish the SOS Children's Villages brand as an effective and reliable social development organization worthy of respect and support from its stakeholders.

Leading roles in governmental bodies and non-profit organizations. In SOS Children's Villages Philippines since 2002, currently as Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.

Roberto Urquizo

There is always something you can do. There is always something you can question and innovate. I hope to add value to the organization with my perspective on management and governance.

Chairman of the Board, Proesa. In SOS Children's Villages Bolivia since 2009, currently as Vice-President of the Board.

Philip Van Verschuer

The most important thing is that we are focused on the children. That we are open and transparent, and our work culture is inclusive, not closed.

Lawyer. Of counsel, Loyens & Loeff. In SOS Children's Villages Netherlands since 2018, currently as Vice Chairperson of the Supervisory Board.

Kay Vorwerk

To help children out of critical situations and to accompany them in their lives and make a difference in their lives – this is what makes me happy.

Leading roles in finance and controlling. In SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. since 2004, currently as Chairman of the Board and Managing Director.

Ex officio: Executive Board


Ms Anna Ernestam

 Chief Operating Officer (interim)


Ms Angela Rosales

 Chief Program Officer and Acting Chief Executive Officer