Report a child safety concern

Click here if you are a child Click here if you are an adult


SOS Children’s Villages strongly condemns all forms of violence and harm against children. Every SOS Children’s Villages’ co-worker has the responsibility to report any child safeguarding concern immediately.

When we learn about a child safeguarding incident, we always act in the best interests of the child and strive to provide the necessary support to the child or young person. Whenever required by the law, we inform responsible child welfare authorities so they can act without delay.


How do I report a concern?

If you are an SOS Children’s Villages co-worker or associate, we encourage you to use internal child-safeguarding reporting channels. In every SOS Children’s Villages programme there is a team of well-trained co-workers able to manage and respond to reported child safety concerns. 

Anyone who supports or partners with the organisation (e.g. donors or business partners) can approach their contact person in SOS Children’s Villages to report concerns. 
You can also report child safeguarding concerns through our online reporting channel - anywhere, at any time, even anonymously. To make reporting as easy as possible for children as well, the online channel also provides a child-friendly reporting form in easy-to-understand language. The online reporting channel is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.


If you are employed by SOS Children’s Villages, we encourage you to consider alternative reporting options as outlined in our Child Protection Policy and related policy support documents.