May 21 2014

Emergency Response Underway in Flooded Balkans

SOS Children´s Villages is on the ground and responding with emergency relief to children and families in Balkan regions hard hit by the floods and landslides.

Our relief efforts are focused on the following flood-impacted areas of the Balkans, all within the vicinities of existing SOS villages.
Bosnia & Herzegovina
The focus will be on the town of Maglaj (30+ km southwest of Gračanica), where children urgently need a safe place to stay. Given that the kindergarten there is completely destroyed, the focus of our help will be on ensuring drinking water, providing power generators, water tanks, washing machines, etc. These items will be of assistance to the community as well. SOS Bosnia and the Maglaj kindergarten have jointly approached the local UN representatives and secured a few containers, which will be used for dry storage, which is urgently needed.
A detailed needs assessment will follow after which a programme proposal will be developed. SOS Bosnia is coordinating the future steps also in cooperation with other NGOs present in the country.
Our focus will be on in-kind help in two locations close to the SOS Children's Villages: in Hrvatska Kostenica (near the village in Lekenik), and in Županja (near the village in Ladimirevci). Our support will focus on providing canned food, disinfectants, cleaning supplies, etc.
For longer-term needs, there are plans to establish an emergency trauma support team, which will provide counsel and support to families in the region [following a detailed needs assessment and programme proposal] for a longer time.
The help will focus on the area in and around the town of Kraljevo.
A major part of the support will be in-kind help responding to local appeals: namely, food, bottled water, disinfectants, cleaning supplies, rubber boots and gloves, and water pumps. If possible, psychological support will also be provided to children.
A detailed needs assessment will be conducted in order to develop an emergency response programme.

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